ZIGGURAT PYRAMID, Dubai. Truth Emerges

One of the World’s largest proposed projects, It will house nearly one million people and will be self-sustainable with all natural-energy sources. 

Like the pyramids of the Mayans and Egyptians, this new structure in Dubai is a giant; it will cover 2.3 square kilometers (0.88 square miles) and will be able to sustain a community of up to one million people.

The “Ziggurat” is named after the temple towers of the ancient Mesopotamian valley. The building is green and is to be powered by solar, wind and natural sources and is capable of running completely off the grid, according to Timelinks, a Dubai-based pioneering environmental design company who is in charge of this building.

The building also boasts an efficient public transportation system that will run horizontally and vertically.

Source: http://digitaljournal.com/article/259038


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