Though you might be new to “tuning into your gut”, the link between your digestive system and your overall health is not a new one. On the contrary, digestive health has long been at the center of natural healing for centuries, used in both Indian Ayurvedic practices and traditional Chinese medicine. But what is new is the growing interest from Western medicine. And although most traditional MD’s won’t ask you about your kefir, a growing number are acknowledging that gut health is truly crucial in both physical and mental wellness.

Dr. N. Campbell-McBride has spearheaded this effort in many regards, establishing something called GAPS, or Gut and Psychology Syndrome. She says conditions like ADHD, dyslexia, OCD, and depression can all be linked to poor gut health. She’s even created a diet to cure these conditions through proper digestive regulation.

So, whether you are a follower of Dr. Campbell-McBride or new to the gut-health phenomena, there are some very simple things you can to do improve your gut health. And since gut health is said to be responsible for 80% of our immunity, you’ll definitely want to take some time to brush up on this subject.

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