Do we appear on earth randomly (against our will), or did we consciously choose to come here? Do our lives unfold as the result of random chance, or do we have a hand in planning the circumstances and challenges in our life?

There is a widely supported view that we are eternal spirits and that we consciously incarnate onto earth in order to experience life in the physical (lower vibrational) realm and have experiences that allow our soul and our soul groups (other souls that are our “family”) to evolve to higher levels of consciousness and capability. This view of life also maintains that we plan our life before we incarnate: the struggles we’ll face, the choices we’ll be presented, and the goals we hope to achieve.

Within this view, there are other souls who incarnate with us in order to help engineer the circumstances and choices that will help our “life plan” to roll out as planned. Part of the incarnation process involves us losing our “memory” of who we really are as spirits. Whether this is by design, or is some sort of result of natural law is unclear.

It’s been said that the most difficult and trying relationships in our lives are our “karmic relationships,” which are relationships that are forcing us to deal with energy / trauma from past lives and giving us the chance to overcome it by choosing to “deal with it” properly and “learn our lesson” in some way, rather than repeating negative or less-evolved cycles of behavior or thought. The people who seem to make your life difficult may be people whom you’ve had “run ins” with in past lives and need to resolve karmic energy with. They may also be soul-family members who are here to help you come to a particular crossroads that will force you to choose between old ways and new, more evolved ways.

Also, the people who brighten our lives, take us to new heights, open our minds and hearts, it’s been said that these people are our guides, helpers, and “soul family” members. They help point us in the right direction, give us necessary support, help get us to where we need to be, and provide us the tools necessary to accomplish our “spiritual goals.”

The bottom line of this view is that we come here on purpose, our suffering and difficulties serve a purpose, the people around us are there for a reason, you can’t “go wrong” in life, you can only fall short of your goals and have to come back for another try. If we choose “incorrectly” and are “off track” with our life plan, often times there will be a consequence (like an illness) that is meant to strongly urge us back on track. Within this view, there is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no punishment, there is only learning, growing, and the balancing of karmic energy

Some good books on this topic are below. Do you know of others? Post them in the comments!

• Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

• Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

• The Book of Life by Michael Sharp

• The Divine Blueprint by Robert Perala

Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz


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