More and more are becoming aware of how harmful commercial disinfectants really are and are turning to all natural cleaners. But did you know that those commercial disinfectants are not only harmful, but they actually spread bacteria?


Chemical cleansers and disinfectants are toxic – causing harmful side effects to you and your family. They are only killing some of the germs, leaving the rest behind to adapt and mutate.

Overuse of antibacterial goods leads to superbugs that are increasingly more resistant to antibiotics. The products aren’t working and there is zero evidence that excessive antibacterial use in the home results in fewer illnesses for your family.

Your immune system is weakening – the more you try to make your environment germ free, the harder it is for your immune system to adapt to stronger strains of bacteria. There is actually such a thing as too clean when it comes to your home. Exposure to everyday dirt and germs makes our immune system stronger.

Scientists believe the overuse of antibacterial products has led to higher incidents of allergies and immune system disorders over the last several decades.

Learn more about how you can start using all natural cleaners in your home.


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