Being negative is associated with “downward” thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. A person is “negative” if they are angry, or “negative”because they are not happy for you, or “negative” because they do not accept your lifestyle, or “negative” because they are always bitter.


Remember, most of the time, the attacks and criticisms of others have much more to do with them and how they are feeling – than with us.


It must be understood that because we live in a dualistic world, both negative and positive will exist. The key thing is to learn to live in the balance of both the positive and negative.


By reading this post, it means you are possibly surrounded by negative thinkers that somehow bring you down. Yes, I can agree negative people can be absolutely draining(!), especially when you are trying to be positive or calm all the time. Negative situations may happen, and it takes you out of the positive bubble. BUT, one thing you have to remember is that only YOU have control over yourself – not others. 


Self improvement belongs to you, so here are a few tips on ‘How To Protect yourself & Accept Negative People’:



How to Deal with Negative People


  • In your own meditation practice, visualize surrounding your entire body with a white-light outline. First it starts with imagination, and after awhile you will begin to see your own protective lining. Practice this everyday with intense visualization and this will help protect you from negative people, their thoughts, and threats to your own life.


  • Recite a healing mantra or prayer. It helps create healing energy and protection.


  • Remind yourself that you cannot change people. Accept them for who they are.


  • Be centered and calm, and sometimes those that are negative will become less negative.


  • Understand that some people have a HABIT of being negative.


  • Surround yourself with good company.


  • Increase your own personal awareness that you are neither affected by the positive and negative.


  • Know your soul, and negative people cannot harm you.


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