MCDONALDS: ‘There’s NO pink slime in our burgers’

First ever behind-the-scenes look inside a McDonald’s factory as part of restaurant’s campaign to put an end to THOSE rumours. MCDONALDS - THERE IS NO 'PINK SLIME' IN OUR FOOD - McDonalds insists.

McDonald’s has launched a new transparency campaign about its food ingredients – and questions from curious customers have already started rolling in. The fast food company, through its ‘Our Food. Your Questions.’ campaign, has dismissed claims that it uses so-called ‘pink slime’ in its Chicken McNuggets.

However, McDonald’s has admitted to using a foaming agent in order to produce the nuggets. The company has also revealed it used ‘pink slime’ for burgers in a seven-year period, and that a chemical used in yoga mats is used in buns and rolls. The push comes as McDonald’s fights to boost its performance in the U.S., where sales slid 1.5 percent at established locations in the most recent quarter, following a 0.2 percent dip for last year.




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